Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Top 10 Reasons I'm NOT voting for B.O.

10. Michelle Obama always looks cranky unless you're talking about her or her
husband. (important? No. Petty? Yes. A real reason? Heck yes.)

9. I believe in capitalism, not socialism.

8. I don't trust anyone who hangs out with Wiiliam Ayers (look it up people)

7. I am PRO LIFE. B.O. doesn't think anyone should be "punished with a baby"...

6. Universal Healthcare? Heck no. Ask anyone from Canada what happens if you
need a liver transplant...

5. Celebrity status. I don't need a rockstar for a president. Anyone who has
that kind of a hollywood following has a red flag tattoed on their forehead.

4. Lack of experience, lack of information about things he has voted on, lack of
any substance other than "fluff" on the People magazine cover.

3. The trance-like faces of the people at the DNC convention. It's just plain
spooky. Like, children of the corn spooky.

2. The unrealistic goals laid out in his "plans". Even some of these he has said
won't implement for another 10 years (after the tax money's already been
taken from us). Wait, did we change the president's term to 10 years
instead of 4 or 8?

1. I believe in the founding principles of our government. Less taxes, less
government intrusion, less reliance on the government to bail us out and take
care of us. We are Americans, we are STRONG. We don't need to be coddled.

*Let me just say that I also (as a true conservative) have serious issues with Senator McCain. But B.O. scares me. Really scares me.

Have I mentioned that I don't like being an adult?

1 comment:

Gabe and Monica said...

well now I'm in suspense...what ARE the top 10 reasons you're not voting for B.O.??

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