Monday, August 11, 2008

Countdown to class.. 14 Days.

Friday, the girls spent lots of time playing with their friends across the street. To be honest, we were so busy this weekend, I don't remember what we did on Friday. They also got to go stay the night at Gamma's house. (always a favorite activity for us all!) We crammed a lot of family time into one weekend, so I don't feel so bad about what happened today...

Today, I was layed out with a stomachache. Baxter worked from home , but the girls did manage to hang out with their friends and enjoy some "chill time" together in front of the television. We'll start fresh tomorrow, I promise.

For your viewing pleasure, Taylor had a quasi-sleepover with her best friend, Hannah (you may remember her as the miniature hairdresser from a few months ago.). She planned to stay the night, but got scared about the 10:00 mark. Luckily, they live right across the street.

Here's a picture of the best buds.

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