Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Countdown to class series

I'm starting a new blog series that will last for the remainder of the summer. The girls are frankly, sick of me. Kayleigh is completely excited for school to start. She's my little acolyte. The other girls are excited to go and do different things too. The heat of the summer has put a damper on our activities. Ella has decided to spend her time entertaining herself inside by driving me absolutely nuts. You want an example? Are you sure? Today, she spent time in the bathroom cleaning the toilet for me. She also successfully opened her pudding snack (which I had taken away from her twice before) with the end of a screwdriver. She unfolded all my laundry (so, yeah I hadn't put it away yet, but it was 2 loads worth). She also thought it would be funny to terrorize her sisters by continuously turning the television on and off for 15 minutes straight. I swear, I'm on this girl like glue. And I'm trying to get her to play with me during this time (she runs away from me, and I get distracted). This is not idle time. She would simply rather be a heathen.

So in hopes of ensuring some accountability to take the girls out to places other than the pool, and the gym, I'm going to chronicle our end of summer adventures here, in our forum, the mommy's blog.

As noted yesterday I did try to take the girls to the pool, however, all of our pools were closed for cleaning due to that nasty illness circulating at some local pools and water parks. As Kayleigh put it, "we got all dressed in our swimsuits for nothing, this is such a rip off".

We did make it there today, and there was much fun all around. Taylor made all the adults laugh as she jumped in the pool each time shouting "cannibal!!!".

I know, I know, I said it needed to be places other than the pool. So, we'll see how tomorrow goes...

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aunt kiki said...

this should be interesting....

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