Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Worth a thosand

Extras from my attempt at our Christmas card this year. I've come to the realization that I'm much better at taking pictures of other peoples children. I just have more patience with them..I did come out with a cute one. I'll show it after I send them out. :)

Friday, November 20, 2009


Ever read a story in the news about someone who might have done something that seems pretty awful, and you immediately cast judgement and hope for vengeance (not justice)? I'm there, too. I just have had my head turned inside out about this particular topic lately and I thought I'd spill everything out for you.

I don't think I've ever once gone over to the other side of that argument and contemplated grace and mercy, and the fact that the people in these stories were just that, people. They have families, friends, people that love them. These past two weeks I've been forced to think about this, and feel the other side. I've felt the pain of disappointment, the shock to the system and the proverbial punch to the gut you feel when you hear news that you never want to hear or expect to hear, for that matter. For various reasons, I'm not going to divulge the details of what I'm talking about, but let's just say, we've been going through some things in our little corner of Texas. Anyway..

I've had to look at all my past reactions to news stories, and people that I've known who may or may not have done something not in step with Christ's humanity, and totally re-evaluate my void of emotion and compassion for them. Speculation, vengeance, and gossip run amok in the media, and in relationships these days. I have to take my piece of the pie, and accept how I've behaved until now. God has worked in me, and on me through these last two weeks and I'm glad for it. I don't know the whole truth, and I don't know all the answers, but I do know that God knows, and that's enough for me. It's a new day and a new perspective.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Baxter 3.0

30 years ago on November 8, 1979 Baxter was born. I haven't heard his birth story, but if it's anything like his life story it was probably full of laughs and joy... I'll ask my mother in law the next time I see her..

30 reasons I love Baxter.

1. He puts the lid to the seat down.
2. He lets me hog the bed.
3. He'll wear whatever I put out for him.
4. He takes the girls out for "daddy dates"
5. He laughs at my jokes.
6. He'll watch a chick flick with me if I ask him.
7. He works extremely hard to support us.
8. If he's tired when he gets home, he won't complain if I am too.
9. He knows how to handle my neurosis.
10. He's never beat me at thumbwresting.
11. He plays with my hair.
12. He's changed almost as many diapers as I have.
13. He calls me everyday from work to check on me.
14. He buys me flowers for no reason sometimes.
15. He always orders the pizza.
16. He loves Jesus.
17. He doesn't get mad when I jump out and scare him.
18. I see him when I look in the girls eyes.
19. We've grown up together.
20. He's a natural encourager.
21. He tries to sing.
22. He prays with the girls.
23. He still opens my door for me.
24. He cries when he's sad.
25. He can fix anything.
26. He chews with his mouth closed.
27. He sacrifices his time for others, and rarely has any for himself.
28. He gives me the remote control.
29. He lives out his faith.
30. I can still find more things to love about him everyday.

Happy Birthday, Bax!

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