Thursday, July 31, 2008

So the solitude ends

This week I enjoyed naps, and lounging by the pool, too much computer time, and just the freedom of silence. I got to catch up with some friends, I got to eat without anyone stealing anything off of my plate, and I got to go to the bathroom without an audience. I have to say, I've really enjoyed myself. And I've gotten several jealous looks from my neighbors as they struggle in and out of their houses weighted down by their fighting children.

But it's not what I thought it was going to be. I don't feel like I've gained anything from this week (other than some water weight, but you don't want to hear about that...)I've realized that I have it pretty easy compared to most stay at home moms. My kids are good sleepers, pretty flexible about their schedules, and when they aren't trying to argue each other into submission, they behave rather well. I can take them to the gym with me when I need to relieve some stress, and I have my parents who live right around the corner who take the kids off of my hands when I need a relief. I'm so very blessed, and just having this week to reflect on the fact that I wasn't totally drained after all, makes me realize that I have a lot to be thankful for. I'm going to start expressing my thanks more often. I'll start by thanking God for the children to start with, and round it out nicely with a thanks to my hubby for being supportive, and for being such an awesome Dad who is my partner in every way.

We leave in the morning to travel to Arkansas to pick up our heathens, and hang with the Hortons of Forrest City.

p.s. new trick I've conjured up with the kids...

when I do something that they need to appreciate, I no longer ask for them to say thank you. When I make them lunch, or help them get ready for bed, etc, they are now required to give me a round of applause. They remember more often, and I like the feeling of having my own fans. (except as mentioned earlier when I'm using the loo).

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Ella Experience

Getting pregnant for the third time was definitely a surprise to say the least. In fact, it was the last thing we had planned for. When I started feeling the signs, and saw that little stick with two lines on it, I stayed in denial for about 2 months. I just couldn't believe that our plan could be so dramatically changed. But as the months passed, and I started bonding with the little ballerina inside, I knew that God definitely had big plans for this one.

July 27th, 2006 was a beautiful, scary, and traumatic day for us. Ella was born in the afternoon, but was quickly whisked away from us because she wasn't breathing. It's a scary thing to not be able to see what's going on with your baby, and have to remain in a bed. I thought, "I didn't get excited enough when I found out I was pregnant, why didn't I appreciate what God has given us?". Later we found out that her lungs were not working as they should. She was admitted to the NICU and for the next week, we went through that roller coaster of emotions every parent does when they are helpless to fight for their children. Throughout that week, she was intubated, poked, stuck, and we were unable to hold her for the majority of the time. But I'll never forget when she was taken off the intubator and we got to hold her, oh wait, Baxter was taking his shift up there when that happened and he got to hold her first...but that's okay. She was so small and had all these wires still stuck to her. It was an alien feeling (after all I was supposed to be an expert, I'd already had 2 children) not knowing what to do with this little baby, and being so afraid of losing her.

She finally decided that it was time to come home with us 8 days later. We brought her home and Kayleigh immediately took to her, and Taylor wouldn't even look in her direction. (It's still a little bit that way. They have a love/hate relationship). Ella proves that God's plan is the best plan. She wakes up with a smile for me every single morning. Her giggle is as infectious as it is beautiful to listen to. She looks at you with those mischevious eyes and you know you're about to be chasing her because she has a plan. It's been two years since our week from hell, and I remember thinking when we were going through that "I just wish I could fast forward 3 months ahead and have this all over with". But now looking back, I'm glad that we had to go through the ordeal of emotional tug of war. (and we have reminders every month when we still have to pay her medical bills)

We had to put our trust in God, and God alone, and we came away with our faith strengthened, and a new appreciation for God's plan and for our Ella.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

What would you say?

I'm going to pose a question to you guys and I would like some responses if you have any.

If you were given a chance to have a face to face conversation with Jesus, what would you do/ask? Would it be like a Barbara Walter's Special kind of interview, where the goal is to get somebody to cry? Or would you have a discussion about the world going astray?

Of course when I pray, I always feel connected to Him but I've just always envisioned the day when I'll see Him face to face and wonder what will happen.

I guess what I want is to be totally embraced. I just long for a feeling of total safety, security, and love. I know that's what I'll feel when wrapped up in the Father. Just utter peace. I wouldn't have any grand questions to be answered, or want to have an exestensial conversation, it would just be me coming home and letting myself fall into His very capable hands. That's the reason I'm in love with my Jesus. I get small doses of this every once and awhile when I worship and pray, and can't wait for the day it's an all day ever day deal.

What would you want to say to Jesus?

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Thank you for being a friend.

If you know me, you know my favorite show is The Golden Girls. It has everything a comedy should have; writing, delivery, timing, just everything. There's a comforting feeling that sweeps over me when I hear that piano start up, and see the airplane start flying into the Miami sunset. I know, I'm getting into the land of the lame here, but it's true. I don't know if it's the shoulder pads, or sweaters with heels that the ladies wear in every episode, or the fact that I was just a kid when this show came out, and I didn't have to worry about bills, or who to vote for. I'm obsessed with this show. I don't think there's an episode I haven't seen. All three of my children were delivered during an afternoon of Golden Girls reruns, and deep breathing. Does that paint a picture for you of how devoted I am to this show? It's just about the only thing that can cheer me up after a lousy day.My favorite character has to be Sophia, played by Estelle Getty. She had the best one liners and delivered them like they were an art form. Ms. Getty passed away today. I'm so sad and need some comfort. I'm going to have to go out and rent a few seasons of the show, it's much needed.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Return to the land of the living

I'm baaaack.

Well Collide is over. I'm excited to be back into my schedule of tanning and exercising. I never knew you could get addicted to sweating, but apparently that's just what I've gone and done to myself.

The turnout for our Collide event was wonderful. We ended up having about 50 kids on and off throughout the week. There's no sweeter sound than hearing teenagers sing along to worship. That's something that's been missing in our ministry (and our previous one) for a long time. As usual per our special events we had the lovely and talented Andy LaChance doing our worship for us. I have to say I'm so thankful that we're able to carry on a friendship with this guy. He's been more than a blessing to our ministry and our family. He's grown so much since we met him as a skinny, rebellious, kid. If you ever get the chance to see him lead worship, you should definitely be first in line. Thanks dude.

So, now we're back to normal life. And hooray, the parts for our washing machine came in, and my handyman husband hooked me up. The fragrance of detergent in my house never smelled so sweet. Thanks to the many of you who offered your washing machines up in sacrifice to the urine gods. And if you offered, and I couldn't take you up on it, (Misty, and Monica) you can just plan on making me dinner some night (or taking me to dinner). That'll just about make up for it, right?

As for me, I'll be in my laundry room getting high on life. The girls and I will spend the next week prepping for Ella's 2nd birthday (get ready for that blog, it'll be a doozy) and then next week , I'm shipping the girls off to the funny farm. Yes, the land where marshmallow's grow on trees, and a grandparent's hugs are never far away. They are going to visit Baxter's parents in Arkansas on their farm for a whole week, yes all of them. What will I do with myself then, besides totally relax? Pass me the coppertone!

Lots more posting to come later.

I'm out...

Thursday, July 17, 2008

In a fog

Sorry for the scattered posting lately folks. I'm just kind of living in a fog these days. First of all, I'm having to find random places to do laundry, (our washer is broken and we're waiting for a part to come in to get it fixed). This is no small task, because as you know, doing laundry for 5 people is a tough job. And I think the girls decided that it was time to wet the bed every night. But, I digress...

We're also hosting the "Collide" event at our church this week. It's VBS on steroids. We've had a really great turnout. (About 40 kids each night).

So, with all this going on, my schedule this week is shaping up a little like this.

8:30-wake up

8:32-make 3 glasses of strawberry milk

8:45-take shower

10:00-start planning the evening's games

10:15-gather up a load of laundry

10:20-land on someones doorstep with my three children in tow to do said laundry

11:15-come home and be angry because there are still approximately 35 loads of laundry piled up in my laundry room.

11:25-yet again try to make the girls clean their room (they haven't completed it once, since 2 weeks ago, and I've tried every day, I'm a wimp)

11:25-12:00-break up fights over who's doing a worse job of cleaning, and stop Ella from hitting her sisters because they won't let her have the toys they are putting away.

12:00-make 3 lunches, and try to grab something quick for myself

12:35-put Ella down for nap

12:45-make shopping list for evening game activities

1:00-fold earlier laundry

1:35-interact with children

2:00-prepare games (yesterday I made 80 flour bombs and 12 candied apples, and 1 candied onion)

3:25-get snacks for girls

3:35-stop Ella from attacking the girls while trying to eat their snacks

4:15-head to church for Collide

5:00-8:30-host Collide

9:30-put girls to bed

9:45-9:46-dialogue with husband


I should point out that any extra time you might see in this schedule is set for washing dishes, picking up after people, and using the restroom. There is no spare time. The only reason I'm here right now, is that the girls are so worn out, they are sleeping until 9:30, but I just heard Ella yell for me, so I have to go.

So yes, I oould get up earlier to get more things done, but I just can't do it. I've not worked out once this week, which sucks. Hopefully, I'll be back to blogging on a regular basis soon. I have a lot of thoughts I need to throw out into the wind. I just don't have the energy this week. Please bear with me.

Sunday, July 13, 2008


I got to go hang out with my oldest friend this weekend. I had forgotten how much fun we have together. I got to also spend some time with her Fiance. (who helped me drive her nuts, thanks Mitchell!). We had a blast and I'm so glad to know that no matter what happens in my life, I'll always have my doppleganger. Love you, Ames!

*A Special shout out goes to my husband, as he constantly amazes me with his generosity of time, to let me go act a fool with my buddies. I have the best husband in the world. :)

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Mickey Mouse is getting fresh.

So, I'm on the treadmill at the gym yesterday. Our gym is the new trendy kind with about 20 big screen tv.s attached to the wall so you can be entertained while you suck wind. I'm just watching the "Life TV" channel (it's basically music videos from the exercise soundtrack playing in the gym). Video after video, it's the same thing. 16 year old girls trying desperately to look 25, while lip synching to annoying over synthesized electronica. Who teaches them that this is a worthwhile goal? Does someone actually give them advice on how to try to pout so they look tough but afraid at the same time(it actually comes off like someone let one go and they're not happy about it), while singing lyrics like "I'll never love another, our love is undercover". (Okay, I just made that up, but that's just about the gist of it). And the hair shaking, my goodness. I often wonder what the affects will be one their poor necks after so much whiplash designed for follicle volumization). Okay, now I'm a product of the Tiffany, Debbie Gibson generation but they mostly personified teenage angst. I was definitely one to try to mimic the squinty eyed sad face when I sang along with my giant ConAir Hairbrush. Where did the over sexualization come into play? At what point did 15 year olds turn from bubble gum poptarts to something that makes me want to give them all a hard shake. Is this a product of Britney? And what do I tell my kids when (more hopefully if)they start acting like this? What I want to say is "these girls look ridiculous, why do you want to act like a bunch of mini- sharon stone's?" (Which will probably be lost on them because as far as a career goes she's pretty much fallen off of the map, sorry all you Sharon Stone fans, but it's true). Is it just me? Am I over thinking the situation? If you have no idea what I'm talking about, flip on the disney channel and then tell me.

Monday, July 7, 2008

A Sweet visit.

We got to hang out with our awesome friends the Sweets yesterday. The girls always have fun together and just seem to pick up where they left off last when they see each other. It's so cute.

Here are some pictures.

RIver Trip

Here are some things I learned while on my girls getaway to the river...(in random order)

* Under no circumstances do you answer a phone for someone who screens their cell phone calls.
(it gets ugly rather quickly!)

* Not everyone can drive like a Texan.

* Not everyone enjoys riding with a Texas driver

* People (strangers) are thankful when you pull them out of the river current. Yes, I saved someone's life...

* Squirrels that live in cemeteries tend to be a little more nervous than their woodsy counterparts. I guess living in a cemetary will do that to you.

* Don't watch MaxEX on a full stomach. (it's basically a show about people falling, flying, and breaking bones with video goodness.)

* I can't make conversation with a drunk man whose shirt reads "Boobies make me smile"

* I am now more tan than my sister (whose nickname for me used to be "vampire") ha.

* When trying to select eyewear for Kristen, be prepared to hear sarcastic comments such as: "Why are you trying to make me look like "Knight Ryder?"

* My mother NEEDS coffee before 10 a.m.

* I am going to the river every year with them every year from now on.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

"Rev Boops"

She's in love with her red boots, and she's a true texas girl at heart. (We'll have to make sure she stays indoctrinated to those hogs, though...)
And then, she's silly as well.

We call her "Kaylbow"

Here are pics (as promised, Aunt Kiki).

As you can see, she's added some "flair" to

her sling. And all of her cabin mates lined up to sign her sling at camp.

Her Ortho Dr. said she doesn't have to have a cast, and that she may be able to swim in 2 weeks after her next checkup. Pray for the chlorine rush...

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