Wednesday, July 23, 2008

What would you say?

I'm going to pose a question to you guys and I would like some responses if you have any.

If you were given a chance to have a face to face conversation with Jesus, what would you do/ask? Would it be like a Barbara Walter's Special kind of interview, where the goal is to get somebody to cry? Or would you have a discussion about the world going astray?

Of course when I pray, I always feel connected to Him but I've just always envisioned the day when I'll see Him face to face and wonder what will happen.

I guess what I want is to be totally embraced. I just long for a feeling of total safety, security, and love. I know that's what I'll feel when wrapped up in the Father. Just utter peace. I wouldn't have any grand questions to be answered, or want to have an exestensial conversation, it would just be me coming home and letting myself fall into His very capable hands. That's the reason I'm in love with my Jesus. I get small doses of this every once and awhile when I worship and pray, and can't wait for the day it's an all day ever day deal.

What would you want to say to Jesus?

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