Monday, July 21, 2008

Return to the land of the living

I'm baaaack.

Well Collide is over. I'm excited to be back into my schedule of tanning and exercising. I never knew you could get addicted to sweating, but apparently that's just what I've gone and done to myself.

The turnout for our Collide event was wonderful. We ended up having about 50 kids on and off throughout the week. There's no sweeter sound than hearing teenagers sing along to worship. That's something that's been missing in our ministry (and our previous one) for a long time. As usual per our special events we had the lovely and talented Andy LaChance doing our worship for us. I have to say I'm so thankful that we're able to carry on a friendship with this guy. He's been more than a blessing to our ministry and our family. He's grown so much since we met him as a skinny, rebellious, kid. If you ever get the chance to see him lead worship, you should definitely be first in line. Thanks dude.

So, now we're back to normal life. And hooray, the parts for our washing machine came in, and my handyman husband hooked me up. The fragrance of detergent in my house never smelled so sweet. Thanks to the many of you who offered your washing machines up in sacrifice to the urine gods. And if you offered, and I couldn't take you up on it, (Misty, and Monica) you can just plan on making me dinner some night (or taking me to dinner). That'll just about make up for it, right?

As for me, I'll be in my laundry room getting high on life. The girls and I will spend the next week prepping for Ella's 2nd birthday (get ready for that blog, it'll be a doozy) and then next week , I'm shipping the girls off to the funny farm. Yes, the land where marshmallow's grow on trees, and a grandparent's hugs are never far away. They are going to visit Baxter's parents in Arkansas on their farm for a whole week, yes all of them. What will I do with myself then, besides totally relax? Pass me the coppertone!

Lots more posting to come later.

I'm out...

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