Thursday, July 17, 2008

In a fog

Sorry for the scattered posting lately folks. I'm just kind of living in a fog these days. First of all, I'm having to find random places to do laundry, (our washer is broken and we're waiting for a part to come in to get it fixed). This is no small task, because as you know, doing laundry for 5 people is a tough job. And I think the girls decided that it was time to wet the bed every night. But, I digress...

We're also hosting the "Collide" event at our church this week. It's VBS on steroids. We've had a really great turnout. (About 40 kids each night).

So, with all this going on, my schedule this week is shaping up a little like this.

8:30-wake up

8:32-make 3 glasses of strawberry milk

8:45-take shower

10:00-start planning the evening's games

10:15-gather up a load of laundry

10:20-land on someones doorstep with my three children in tow to do said laundry

11:15-come home and be angry because there are still approximately 35 loads of laundry piled up in my laundry room.

11:25-yet again try to make the girls clean their room (they haven't completed it once, since 2 weeks ago, and I've tried every day, I'm a wimp)

11:25-12:00-break up fights over who's doing a worse job of cleaning, and stop Ella from hitting her sisters because they won't let her have the toys they are putting away.

12:00-make 3 lunches, and try to grab something quick for myself

12:35-put Ella down for nap

12:45-make shopping list for evening game activities

1:00-fold earlier laundry

1:35-interact with children

2:00-prepare games (yesterday I made 80 flour bombs and 12 candied apples, and 1 candied onion)

3:25-get snacks for girls

3:35-stop Ella from attacking the girls while trying to eat their snacks

4:15-head to church for Collide

5:00-8:30-host Collide

9:30-put girls to bed

9:45-9:46-dialogue with husband


I should point out that any extra time you might see in this schedule is set for washing dishes, picking up after people, and using the restroom. There is no spare time. The only reason I'm here right now, is that the girls are so worn out, they are sleeping until 9:30, but I just heard Ella yell for me, so I have to go.

So yes, I oould get up earlier to get more things done, but I just can't do it. I've not worked out once this week, which sucks. Hopefully, I'll be back to blogging on a regular basis soon. I have a lot of thoughts I need to throw out into the wind. I just don't have the energy this week. Please bear with me.


~ wmz said...

Are you sure you couldn't shave off 30 seconds of dialogue with Baxter!? bwhahahaha! What a crazy week. You know my doorstep is only around the corner and my washer rocks! :)

~ wmz said...

P.S. Will you email me your tele? misty dot hinch at gmail dot com

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