Monday, July 7, 2008

RIver Trip

Here are some things I learned while on my girls getaway to the river...(in random order)

* Under no circumstances do you answer a phone for someone who screens their cell phone calls.
(it gets ugly rather quickly!)

* Not everyone can drive like a Texan.

* Not everyone enjoys riding with a Texas driver

* People (strangers) are thankful when you pull them out of the river current. Yes, I saved someone's life...

* Squirrels that live in cemeteries tend to be a little more nervous than their woodsy counterparts. I guess living in a cemetary will do that to you.

* Don't watch MaxEX on a full stomach. (it's basically a show about people falling, flying, and breaking bones with video goodness.)

* I can't make conversation with a drunk man whose shirt reads "Boobies make me smile"

* I am now more tan than my sister (whose nickname for me used to be "vampire") ha.

* When trying to select eyewear for Kristen, be prepared to hear sarcastic comments such as: "Why are you trying to make me look like "Knight Ryder?"

* My mother NEEDS coffee before 10 a.m.

* I am going to the river every year with them every year from now on.

1 comment:

aunt kiki said...

Knight Rider! Ha! Funny list. you hit them right on the head...Yes, this is definitely an annual thing...:-)

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