Tuesday, August 12, 2008

In a slump

Trying to survive the ins and outs of daily life right now with Baxter working so very much is starting to get to me. It's getting to him too. As I type this, I look over and see him eating sprinkles ice cream out of the bottom of the 1 gallon container. We're pushed, tired, and straining for relief. I know, I know, I posted a few weeks ago about how I wasn't that drained, and blah blah blah. (again with the flakiness). But just go with me here for a minute. I am pooped, wiped, haggard, etc... I don't know what the root cause of it is, because truthfully as I stated in an earlier post, the girls are pretty darn good, and I do get significant breaks for me, but I'm just wiped out. I'm getting plenty of exercise (but not too much), plenty of sleep, and plenty of "me" time. I've never had this much rest, but felt this deflated...

I'm going to post a list of the 10 most relaxing things I like to do, and hopefully I'll think of a really good one to do, and it'll fix me.

10. Get a massage-I love it, and the relaxed feeling lasts for about 2 hours after, so it's good for the short term relaxation.

9. Enjoy a good bible study. - I always feel better after being in the Word, especially when I have friends to bounce things off of. But sadly, this is truly lacking for me right now. (is there an *aha in there somewhere?)

8. Go for a quiet walk around dusk. - My grandmother used to take us for walks all the time. She didn't speak (she was deaf) so we just signed to each other and really enjoyed our surroundings.

7. Take a bubble bath in our jetted tub. -self explanatory.

6. Sit down with a good book.-I've been reading a lot lately, but nothing has really made me say "wow, this is good stuff" (any reccomendations?)

5. LIstening to good music. -Music is one of my passions. It's also something I've been missing out on for a while. I'm asking for an ipod for our anniversary (i'm about 5 years behind aren't I?). I haven't felt that I've had time to find anything new that I like as far as music goes...

4. Take a nap.-haven't done that (peacefully) in a while. There's always something that needs to be done, or someone pounding at the door when I try.(0f course Baxter has to be home when I nap, otherwise they'd kill each other...)

3. Get a pedicure-if you know me, you know that I believe I have hobbit feet. So if feels nice to have my giant toes painted and to have them pampered. But it's too expensive to get more than once a month. I do feel sorry for the poor nail technician assigned to me. My friend and I once made a bet about who's feet would make the tech gag first...

2. Exercise- I do that all the time and it's pretty much the only reason I'm surviving right now.

1. GO ON VACATION!!!!-Although now that we have three children, vacations have turned into more of a 3 or 4 day beating, it's still nice to enjoy the beating away from the setting of our home.
We haven't gone on a real vacation in a few years...

*aha-implies that I am a dummy and should have already thought of this, and that it's probably, no definitely, the best thing for my mind and spirit...

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~ wmz said...

I think it's the heat. Seriously. Let's get together and fry eggs on the front porch.

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