Thursday, August 21, 2008

A slow week

So this week has been really slow blog wise for me. I haven't felt like I had a lot to say.

But here's an update anyway.

Yesterday, I went and auditioned to be a trumpet instructor at a local performing arts school. I got the job! Yes! I'm looking forward to meeting my students and getting started. This is a part time deal, but I'm excited about spending some time with some musical kids (and earning some money to give to Visa.). This school is very Christ-centered, and I was impressed! I believe it's a God thing for sure.

I'm also hopefully going to be substituting some this semester. I'm working out all the details as far as when and who will be edifying and taking care of my kids during those days.

I'm still going to plug away at my book. It's going to be a busy season. :)

Here's to updates.

And here's a picture that proves why Baxter enjoys being a youth pastor.

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