Thursday, September 4, 2008

Palin Power

Thank You Governor Sarah Palin! You've given me hope for change. :)
Way to stake out your place with a cutting speech last night.

That is all.


aunt kiki said...

*sigh....I don't think we can talk politics anymore. lol.

Amy said...

she didn't say anything that wasn't true, and she was snarky, and I think that's what I liked. :)

aunt kiki said...

you mean you liked that she didn't lie, and she was B**chy? I'm looking for more than someone who tried to ban books, fire staff as a test of loyalty, involve personal life in job to the extent of abusing her power, refusing the bridge to nowhere but keep all of the funds, wants to drill in the ANWR, between 1990 and 94, being a member of the attempted succession of Alaska from the U.S., i can go on, but it just makes me sad. She's the best qualified?

Amy said...

someone's been watching too much "mainstream media" lol. Her sister was being abused by a trooper and he was using his badge to intimidate her during a divorce. she inquired about why he wasn't being punished. please drill in ANWR! Drill long, drill now, and suck all the oil out. :)
As for the other stuff, let's go research the context together, shall we?

aunt kiki said...

So what about when all of the oil's gone? that solution is just temporary, putting a band aid on a cut off leg. and i did research the context, they've revealed the emails from the whole drama, have you taken a look? She may be tough, but that doesn't mean she's the best.

Amy said...

it's not the only solution I would suggest, but we need it, so drill. Wind, solar, thermal,coal, and nuclear all need to be implemented. If you don't start with a band aid, you're gonna hemmorage everywhere.

Haven't read the emails, I have to admit, but did you know the dude she fired said that she was justified? And did you know that the trooper that the controversy was about tasered his stepson, drank a beer in his patrol car while on duty, and made death threats to other officers about his father in law? He had a discipline file a mile long and the reason he couldn't be fired was because of the Union...Context, I'm telling you.

She's the best being offered right now...You want socialism, Marxism and Obama?

aunt kiki said...

Hey I never said I'm a democrat. I guess we will agree to disagree: I have a funny joke:

An old man was sitting with his family one afternoon, when suddenly, he passes out. His family rushes him to the hospital, but he is still unresponsive. After many hours, the doctors come out to the family to deliver the prognosis:

The doctors tell them:
Well, his heart is still beating, but he is brain-dead.

The old man's wife clutches at her heart and declares:

Oh, my! We've never had a democrat in the family before!

Love you!

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