Monday, September 8, 2008

It's a beautiful life

I've noticed that there's been a general theme of my blogs lately: Negativity. I should show more appreciation for the beauty of my life and for all that God has blessed unto me. Here's a list of reasons for my thankfulness.

10. I live in a free country that allows me to worship as I like, debate the issues important to my beliefs as I like, and be as prosperous as I like.

9. I've been given the gift of a group of friends who couldn't be more supportive. They cheer me on as I continue to fight all of the years of abusing my body with cakes, cookies, and pies, they listen to me when I whine about not having enough time for myself (when I get more than most stay at home moms), and let me boss them around when they ask for advice. Thanks for putting up with me!

8. Our family has been blessed by a church family that serves others first. As small as our church is, it does so much for missions, the prison ministry, and also within our own church family. We are so happy that God has put us where we are, and we are loving our ministry, and the teens therein.

7. I got my "Bert and Ernie" eyebrows waxed today. I feel like a new woman.

6. Our family no longer works for Visa! Next, you better watch out you hospital account managers (Ella's birth legacy lives on) we're coming for you!

5. It's going to rain tonight and maybe tomorrow. Fall is coming, people, and so is bearable weather in Texas.

4. My children, as much as they fight, and whine, are a joy to be around, and are beautiful.

3. My house has stayed clean for 1 whole day. There is hope for change right there.

2. My husband rocks. I brag on him all the time, but he really does. And he starts a new/old job next week that's going to allow him to spend so much more time with us, and keep me in the style in which I have grown so accustomed...

1. Jesus loves me, and I am saved. I am craving some time with Him. It's something that's been missing for a little while. Prayer and time in the Word. Bring it oneth.


aunt kiki said...

look at you , all perky. :-) i had to do my own eyebrows, but I'm satisfied. lol.

Gabe and Monica said...

nice 'brow Aimo!!! Doesn't getting your eyebrows done make you feel so pretty!! I need to do that soon!

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