Wednesday, May 7, 2008

a symphony with no music

I decided to forego the gym the other night and take a run on the trail near our house instead. I notice that it's sprinkling lightly as I take off down the road, but it had been doing that all day so I wasn't too worried. I had my little headphones/am radio in hand, and I was ready to make myself sweat. About 10 minutes into it, I drop my radio and the batteries go dead. I get bored really easily so, I consider heading back for more batteries, but the words "be still" echo over and over again in my head. I keep running. It's so quiet and there's no one else around. I immediately just get the urge to worship in silence as I run. Everything else gets tuned out. Except, I can hear myself breathing heavily as I chug through along the trail. I can also smell the wet ground (I love that smell).The rain starts to fall harder, piling on my eyelashes and bangs. I reach the wooded area, and the rain starts falling hard. I can hear it pounding the leaves on the trees, but I wasn't getting all that wet. This makes me of course makes me wonder what's going on. I realize then that the trees are protecting me from getting soaked. I start applying it to my life and realize that when there's rain all around us, we do get wet, and feel the sprinkles, but somehow we are protected. There's always something sheltering me from the raw, harshness of the world. I know God allows a little rain to fall on me now and then, and I can hear it all around me, but be cradled under His protection and get through until the sun comes out again.

No, it wasn't lightning or it might have been a different kind of story altogether. :)

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