Saturday, May 31, 2008

Burning Answers

Thanks guys so much for all of your questions. I like this! And Baxter's going to weigh in this time as well... yay for us.

From Monica:
if you could have any super power in the world what would it be....and why?

My answer-the ability to fly. I think it would be cool to just take off whenever I felt like it.

Baxter's answer-Laser vision, so when I see a hot dog, and want a hot dog, I can instantly cook it. That, or a good lasagna, or maybe some french fries.

From Triss Teh:

What would you do for a Klondike bar?

My answer- not a whole lot right now. I'm shedding the weight accumulated by 9 years of marriage and three children. But in my gluttonous days, I'd ride down a mountain on a donkey, wearing a cape.

Baxter's Answer- (we can't agree on what's an appropriate answer. I feel his answer does not reflect the humor that should be intended, and he's stubborn so we'll skip this one.)

From wmz, but mostly z

I'm late in asking but...hmmmm...zane said I should ask you if you'd rather have the power to be invisible or make other ppl invisible? teeeheee.

my answer-I would most definitely want to be invisible. Why would I want to give others a chance to sneak up on me and freak me out? Zane, Zane, Zane, I'm a scaredy cat...

Baxter's answer-I want to be invisible, cause if you made somebody else invisible, how would you ever be able to make them not invisible? smells like a lawsuit to me.

Seanathan (a.k.a.)Sharl

If you could spend one whole day with any person anywhere you wanted to spend that day with; who would the person be, and where would you spend the day.

Baxter to Amy "you better well want to spend the freakin' day with me!"
Amy to Baxter "silence"

Thanks a lot Sean...

From Seanathan, Part Deux

If God asked you to tell him what you wanted for Him to give to you - what would it be? (1 Kings 3:5)

Amy's answer- this one's a pretty easy one. I would want to have His constant comfort. Never having to worry about anything because God is constantly comforting me. Although, maybe it should be that He would take my fears away, because God is there as a constant comfort... hmmm, but wisdom is good too...

Baxter's Answer-Solomon's wisdom, and then his money. j/k. just the money. j/k. just the wisdom.

And... how do you think Baxter would answer some of the previously asked quesions :P.

Baxter "I'm done answering questions. I'm going to bed, darlin'."

I'll try to get him to post once or twice about them. We'll see.

Thanks for the questions guys!

Did you all like this as much as I did?

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