Thursday, May 15, 2008

Can I write a book?

I've timidly decided to write a book this summer. Just writing that down and looking at it scares the bejeezees out of me. But,if I don't announce it, there's no way I'll do it. I'm going to try and have it finished by the fall semester. Then I'll return to class (hopefully triumphant). So, I've compiled a poll for your opinion. Should I write (a.) fiction, or (b.)family humor. Those are really my only two options. Theres no way I'm writing anything informative...

And if anyone has any advice about the process, or experience in this, I'd love to hear it.

Okay, now you know.



aunt kiki said...

Family Humor, definitely!Good Luck!!!

Seanathan said...

oooh, a Book! I think that'd be interesting, and I'd wanna hear fiction :D - cause fiction gives ya the greatest freedom as a writer and it gives the more freedom you have as an author the more God can wiggle himself in your book - I've started writing some books too :P I'll have to show 'em to ya sometime

Aron & Suz said...

both options could be good! i really don't know what to say. you are actually quite a humorous blogger, so i'd say go for family comedy. then again, fiction is always a good standby. good thing you have narrowed down your options. here's a site you should check it. it's a friend of a friend's and she has some great info about what it takes to get published. i've referenced it in the past: and click "on writing." it's short and informative. keep us posted!

~ wmz said...

I vote for family humor ~ maybe ficticious family humor! :) I'm sure with the high level of estrogen in your home, you have some pretty funny starting points! Like, the makeup pic posted! Too funny. Have you seen those "In The Motherhood" video segments in MSN? I could see you having tons of those kinds of stories. Just write!

Triss Teh said...

Both. Create a category all your own. That transends barriers, that makes people laugh, a book where- To write is to create: keep it true to life.

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