Wednesday, May 21, 2008

a stupid survey

Bored? Then try this...
What is your full name?:Amy Lee Horton
How old are you, really?:28, really
Why are you taking this survey?:want to post a blog
What were you doing before you got on the computer?:watching CSI NY
What was the last thing that you had to eat?:trail mix
What was the last thing you had to drink?:water
Who was the last person you talked to on the phone?:mommy
Are you married or single?:married
If your married do you have a friend with benifits?:that is disgusting
If you are single, How many people are you dating right now?:
Do you believe in safe sex?:i believe in sex after marriage
If you said no...Why?:
Where is your favorite place to hang out?:the pool, lately
What is your favorite alcoholic beverage?:
Do you eat breakfast everyday?:yes
What is your favorite type of food?:healthy
Do you like dogs or cats?:dogs
What do you do for a living?:mom
What kind of car do you drive?:minivan
Can you speak spanish?:piquito
What is your favorite channel on TV?:cbs
Who is your favorite Actor?:acting skills, joaquin phoenix
Who is your favorite Actress?:don't have one
Who is you most favorite Band?:switchfoot
What was the last song you heard?:if we are the body
What cd/cds are in you stereo right now?:razorback band
Do you like to look at the stars?:very mucho
What is your Zodiac Sign?:blah blabbity blah
Do you have any tattoos?:want one maybe, but no
If so, how many?:
What are your tats?:
Do you go to the tanning bed?:i want to, but it's a waste of money when there's the sun
Where is your most favorite vacation spot?:the beach
Have you travelled any other place besides the US?:lived in Greece
What time do you go to bed?:10:30
What time do you get up?:6:45
So, how many hours of sleep is that?:8ish
Do you like this survey so far?:eh
Is it different from all the others?:
Do you have any kids?:yes
If so, how many?:why, 3
If I look in your fridge what will I find?:strawberries, milk, watermelon, not much else
What is your most favorite snack food of all times?:pistachios
What kind of face cleaner do you use?:biore
What kind of shampoo do you use?:pantene
What kind of conditioner do you use?:pantene
What brand of soap?:dunno
Is the soap bar or liquid?:liquid
Do you use a scrubbie or a washcloth?:loofah
Shower or Bath?:shower
Up or Down?:what?
In or Out?:
Can you tell I am running out of questions?:whatever, dude
Sage or Mint?:mint
Laptop or Desktop?:desktop
Rock or Goth?:rock
What is you favorite clothing brand?:don't have one
What is the brand of shoes you wear?:eddie bauer
Ok, almost done...Are you happy?:actually, yest
Did you like this survey?:no, but i did it, so it's going up.
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