Monday, February 4, 2008

I need a hero.

As I sit here coughing and hacking at my keyboard (wishing desperately I was at my Bible Study), I am preparing for my first speech of the semester. It's a three to five minute speech about my hero. I've found it hard to pick a topic for hero worship. I could, of course, do the obvious and pick Jesus, or Paul. But do I want to possibly alienate all of my classmates? Am I that confident in my evangelism skills? What if someone (gasp) asks me about it afterwards, or they all just stare at me with smug condescension? How do I even think of someone other than my ultimate hero? And why is it that everyone I pick, I just start picking apart. "Well, I would pick her, but she's too bossy", "She smells like cheese", "He smokes, I can't make him my hero", (are you wondering if you are the one that smells like cheese right about now?, ha,) Well, after much debate, I've decided that this speech brings enough pressure on it's own, I don't necessarily want to have to defend my faith along with it. I chose someone who helps me get closer to the real hero everyday. Someone, who displays a lot of the self sacrificing, humble, and honorable traits that I know we are all supposed to emulate. My husband. I can surely stand up there and talk about him for 3 to 5 minutes, right?


1 comment:

aunt kiki said...

i'm sure that won't be a problem, it seems like there are a lot of ways he's inspired you..

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