Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Hometown Heartache

Last night around 7:00, the very small town that I grew up in (we finally got a stoplight my junior year) was hit by a tornado. The high school where I was a band nerd, and a cheerleader was damaged. The Crispy Cone (where we would go any chance we could to get a burger and curly fries) is completely destroyed. Many landmarks, hangouts, and businesses, either damaged or gone.

My parents still own a house (though they live here in Texas) in the area, and we have no idea the condition it is in. My grandmother also owns a home close to where the damage happened (she has also moved). The town doesn't even have a local hospital. The nearest fully operational hospital is 45 minutes away. There are power lines down in the streets, along with the debris. Cars have been flipped like matchbox toys, and I haven't even heard the extent of all the damage. Someone said that they saw the tornado coming down the highway, and he could easily recognize the storm because he could see the headlights of cars swirling around inside the funnel.
These people need prayers, and lots of them.

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