Thursday, February 14, 2008

The day before chocolate bloat...

V- is for the vomit from all of the candy your children will eat
a- is for the acreage of cellulite that will develop on your behind from all the
chocolate that you will eat
l- is for the lesson you will teach your husband should he forget to buy you said
e- is for the early bedtime you plan on giving your children
n- is for the ninety times they will be in and out of bed
(that reminds you that romance is how they got here in the first place.)
t- is for the test that I have to take on the evening of Valentines day for my speech
i- is for the images from all of those Valentines "KY Intrigue" commercials finally
being removed or at least toned down a notch.
n- is for the number of discarded candy wrappers you will find for the next month
under your kid's bed.
e- is for the everyday love that makes valentines, for the most part, just an
ordinary day. (collective awwwwww)

Chocolate Kiss

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