Wednesday, February 6, 2008

I want to drink the kool-aid

I'm guilty. I feel euphoria while watching the happy, unified celebrities and musicians. I start to look at the other candidates in a different light. But then, I think...

I want to believe that more babies won't be killed for the sake of birth control, I want to believe that we won't be taxed into oblivion for a universal health care system that we in no way can afford. I want to believe that those less fortunate will get a hand up to help themselves instead of a hand out (of my pocket). I want to believe that our border will be protected from people (and/or terrorists) who might want to come to our country and reap all the benefits of our society without participating in the privilege of paying for it. I want to believe that the morals of the majority of the country won't be pushed aside for the sake of "progress". I want to believe that yes we can, get the politicians (republican and democrat)to quit lying, and playing games with the people that they are supposed to represent. I want to drink the kool-aid. But gosh, where's the plan?

Okay, soapbox officially back under the desk.
Sorry for the hijack, Jaybrams.


jaybrams said...

just drink it in! :D

Seriously though (we can take this offline if you want)...

what kinda plan are you looking for? ... They all have a plan, it's a just a matter of if you like the plan or not... what are your major issues?

It's interesting, what FOX News considers the 5 Major issues (abortion, Energy, Immigration, Iraq, and Taxes), the only significant differences between Obama and McCain is the war and abortion.

Obviously it's not that simple, but at the basic level, perhaps we need a candidate that is driven to unite the country rather than divide it.

Amy said...

McCain is not a conservative as proven by his record, that's why a lot of conservatives like me are freaked out about him. My issues are definitely domestic. Abortion, immigration, economy. A lot of Obama's "plans" are a lot of vague promises without a lot of actual info on what he's going to do. such as.."Let's strengthen the border",how? And he's proposing A LOT of new government backed programs and rewards to help people out, without any help from privatization. Where's that money going to come from? Take a guess. :)He can talk about unification and change all he wants, but if he don't have a plan to make it happen, or much experience for me to reflect on, I can't vote for him. It's like if you went to a movie because the preview hooked you, but then you fell asleep because you've already seen all the good stuff.

Anonymous said...


Amy, Amy, Amy.

And I want to believe just the opposite, I guess.

Let's try to link arms and sing kumbaya and drink some kool-aid together, eh?

Amy said...

hey tracey! I told you we were different! If someone can tell me why they believe what they believe (like you), I can always respect someone with a different opinion... kumbaya indeed.

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