Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Love Banquet

Our awesome church hosted a fund raising event on Saturday evening to raise money for a wheelchair lift inside the church (dinner and a show). It was really lovely. Baxter was asked to be the m.c., and there were plenty of fun skits, videos, and songs to keep us all entertained. I especially loved the videotaped interviews with all of our children describing love, marriage, and kissing (played on the huge projection screen). I'll give you a rundown of my children's enlightening answers to these questions. (keep in mind, basically our whole church was there for this event)

On love...

Kayleigh-"Love is being kind to one another"
(pretty good, and straightforward. I was proud.)
Taylor-"Love is having a heart for a person"
(it was an awwww moment.)

On Marriage...
Kayleigh- "Probably when I get married, I'm going to find someone who loves me for just who I am"
(this girl really has it down)
Taylor-"When you find your prince"

On Valentines Day, what mommy is getting...

Taylor "probably a heart"

On kissing...(get ready, here it comes)

Are you ready for this?

Kayleigh-"sometimes mommy lays down on the couch and daddy lays on her and they smooch"
(the mortification continues)

They warned us something was coming,they called it "our inauguration into the family". gahhh.

hide your face

1 comment:

aunt kiki said...

oh, man, i would have loved to see how red your face got when she said that!! oh, and i've also heard the story of Kayleigh accusing you of having a favorite daughter, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!that's what you get...

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