Monday, January 21, 2008

Update on Class

So, after a few days of laziness, I'll go ahead and update you guys on how my class went.

I went ahead and bought my book (even if technically the finances weren't there at the time). I ran upstairs to find my class (second guessing myself about the room number and having not written it down, I felt like a tool) and had to call Baxter to confirm my class number. After reassurance from him the I was, indeed in the right place, I went in. At each table, there were two chairs, most of them already occupied, there was one open table, in the far, corner. So, yes, instead of sitting beside someone I didn't know, I found the desolate seat and took it. (Picture ghost town, tumbleweeds and all).My instructor probably thinks I'm some loner who doesn't like to be around people (great for a speech class). So, anyway...

I found that the class is going to be interesting, challenging (that's a good thing), and my instructor has a great philosophy, (one that I share)you have to be relaxed to give speeches properly. She also strongly encourages class participation during discussion, so I was disappointed when the only time I interjected a thought, she shot me down. It didn't even have to do with speech. It was a discussion about how a communicator should set the mood for proper decoding of the message. She asked if anyone had a boss or someone who barked orders at them. After a few other responses I timidly raised my hand and suggested that since I have children, I get barked at all the time. I was suggesting that sometimes I hear "mommy give me", "Mommy, I want", "Mommy, I need". She looked shocked and said "Aren't you the parent?" "Shouldn't you be the one giving all the orders?" "Well, yes", I replied but should I really have to explain to her that 3, and 1 year olds don't have the best sense of self-awareness? I didn't have a response for her, so she turned her attention to yet another story about herself and how she ruled her home with an iron fist. I just basically sat deflated for the rest of the class, wondering, do I even bother trying to impress the person who seems really intelligent, and thought provoking, or should I just attack this course with a "do your work and get out" mentality. I definitely will think and rethink all of my in-class responses.

Did she make me question my parenting skills? not a bit. (for those of you asking yourselves that particular question) I know what realistic and unrealistic expectations are for a toddler/preschooler. Kayleigh doesn't really bark at me. (Unless she's pretending to be a dog.)

Here's to Thursday nights for 4 months.



Gabe and Monica said...

Haha....I love the picture!!

jaybrams said...

i hate the game when my daughters pretend like dogs... its so annoying...

but man, that teacher sounds like a certain type of dog...

aunt kiki said...

i'd think you have to be pretty full of hot air and yourself to be able to TEACH a speech class, so i'm not really surprised, she DOES sound alot like ms. renard. now its time to see that AMY-grit.

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