Thursday, January 10, 2008

Celebration Series: Part Deaux

Okay, to catch everyone up on my fabulous birthday week, I would like to state that yesterday was the official day, I turned 28. I'm really thinking of hanging out at 28 for a few years. I like it.

Yesterday, the day was supposed to go like this; I wake up, the girls shower me with kisses, and Kayleigh goes off to school, and I take the other two wonderfully behaved children off to preschool so that I can have the day all to myself. I was supposed to meet one of my best friends for a "Birthday Breakfast", then, I had thought about going tanning. (no, i don't usually tan, but I thought maybe I would start because this pasty white skin of mine could use a pick me up, and it also usually makes you look ten lbs lighter, and with the holidays... but I digress..). Then I would spend the rest of my afternoon wrapped in a cocoon of silence where I would read my ridiculously shallow book and then go pick up the kids at the appropriate time. But, no, apparently it was not meant to be.

Tuesday night Ella presented a fever to us, along with a grand delivery of yes, you got it, vomit. I knew in my heart of hearts that my dream birthday was not to be. So on Wednesday, when Ella woke up, I wasn't really that surprised when she still had a fever, and then I shouldn't have been surprised when she threw her milk up all over me. But I did manage to get the other children off to school. Ella then came home with me and slept for 4 hours straight. We did go to church last night (thanks mom and dad for watching Typhoid Marie as my dad likes to call any of our kids that get sick, because they always get the sickness two to three days later, ha) and Baxter had surprised me with a giant cake at Dinner at the Church. It was very thoughtful, and I appreciate the effort. I got a second cake at the youth service, it was very sweet, although it did read "Happy Bithday", I'm very thankful for all of the thoughtfulness. :)

So, I would kind of like a do-over for my actual birthday, it didn't go exactly how I planned, so my m.o. is usually to pout. However, it is my birthday week, and it's not over. I have the suspicion that something is afoot. We shall see what the rest of the week brings. If you made it this far without banging your head on the wall because my post today seems to be a bit long and tedious, thank you, owe you.

I'm out.

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