Tuesday, January 8, 2008

It's my week!

Well, growing up, my sister and I were never content to let our birthday be celebrated for just one day, so we would usually try to drag it out for much, much, longer. Our parents usually only allowed us to get by with it for one week or so. So it became a birthday week. And any complaint to the contrary was informed "but, it's my week".... (a slogan that apparently stands the test of time.) It got us out of all kinds of stuff, the dishes, the laundry, and it would guilt the other sibling into doing things they would not be kind enough to do normally on their own, (i.e. make snacks for each other, allow special clothes to be borrowed without pulling hair, not be as obnoxious to one another, you know, those sort of things...)so here it is, I'm turning (gasp 28) and heaven help me, I still really want it to be my week... so I'd like to just make this proclamation official. It's my week.

I'll be updating the progress of the celebration from time to time to keep all of you thrill seekers satisfied.

1 comment:

aunt kiki said...

yep, it is your week, you'd better get in the foot rubs while you can this weekend.

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