Thursday, November 6, 2008

random things heard around the house.

At dinner last night here was some of the conversation..

Taylor: "ok, I'm gonna say the blessing"
Me: "go for it, sweetie!"
Taylor:(inaudible prayer)
Me" "what did she say"
Baxter: " I have no idea"
Kayleigh:" Okay, I have no idea what she just said"
Taylor: "me, either"

Here's another one on the way home from church.

Kayleigh and Taylor in the back of the car

Kayleigh: "Taylor, I wanna call you by a nickname." "can I call you T-Bone?"
Taylor: "no"
Kayleigh: "can I call you tater tot?"
Taylor: "no"
Kayleigh: "what would you like me to call you?"
Taylor: "you can call me rainbow unicorn"
Kayleigh: "how about T-Bone?"
Taylor: "okay"
kayleigh: 'how's it going, T-Bone?"
Taylor: "pretty good"


aunt kiki said...

my nieces are a comedy duo! They are fantastic.

Gabe and Monica said...

haha...that is so funny! What sweethearts!

jaybrams said...

Kayleigh sounds like her daddy and Taylor is speaking in tongues... Good times all around i think.

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