Monday, November 17, 2008

Did I get taken or what?

Kayleigh went in for an eye exam today and of course, as I expected, her glasses needed to be updated. Her eyesight is worse than mine, which is saying a lot.

So, they told me that because of the size of the lenses, she would need plastic frames in order for the lenses not to pop out so easily. (It happens all the time). Okay. They got her to try on several pair and were oohing and ahhing for her benefit. We picked out a pair that she liked, we sat down to start to process and oops, they are out of that one (It's going to be discontinued soon). We start the whole process again and we end up with a $75 pair of frames. With everything together though, her glasses are $200.00!!! Frames, fees, and estra buffing to make the lenses thinner sure sent me into shell shock. I paid, called Baxter (who took her last time) and he told me that they had previously recommended to him the metal frames because they are more flexible. I feel like a heel.

I hope Kayleigh enjoys her "Hilary Duff" spectacles when they come in next week. I'll be sure to post a picture.


aunt kiki said...

maybe if they are good, you won't have to replace them for a while (though I hope they don't actually have "hilary duff" on them, b/c who knows when she will be off that). Roy's were $75 too. But yeah, it does sound like you got pressured.

jaybrams said...

kids just aren't worth it, i tell you! send them all back (the kids that is).

Amy said...

oh, they're worth it. but I wonder if I should just let Baxter handle all of our purchasing...

aunt kiki said...

why let baxter take over? you are doing just fine. consider it a lesson learned and now you can be more firm in the future.

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