Sunday, October 5, 2008

Where I get my huzpah...

My mommy wrote this. I've always wondered where I get my opinionation...

Feminists, elitists, and the election
I grew up in the era of the birth of women's rights, equal pay for equal work, equal opportunities, bra-burning, and the whole gamut. On the surface it seemed like a logical position. Why not pay a woman the same as a man? Why not hire a woman over a man if she was equally or better qualified? Although the ERA amendment never passed, it seemed we made progress, and with time, would see our gender on equal footing with our male counterparts.
Fast forward 30 years, and the leaders of the 'Women's Movement' has morphed into a bitter, hate-filled, vitriolic group of voices who have turned against the very constituency they claimed to represent. The nomination of Sarah Palin has brought out the very worst in some of the members of our fair sex, simply because she does not share their particular views. Believing in gun rights, hunting, life, and being a working wife seem to be qualities that drive the feminazis right over the edge. I thought the whole movement in the 60's and 70's was to enable women to make their own life choices, and now I discover that it only applies to people who are Pro-PETA, pro-abortion, and I guess pro-divorce. Most of these harpies have been married multiple times, view men as the enemy, and have complete disdain for women who elect to be stay at home wives/mothers.
It is just another facet of those on the left. March in lock-step with us and our position, or we'll crucify your reputation. Leftists like to line up groups of people that are 'disenfranchised', and lump them all together. But if individual members of those groups raise objections to methods or messages, they are maligned and ridiculed. Take, for instance Condi Rice, Colin Powell, Clarence Thomas. According to the politics of the left, they should be aligned with the Democratic Party, because they are members of a 'disenfranchised' group. But because they are, in fact, conservative, the merits of their views are not even discussed. They are simply ridiculed as 'Uncle Tom's', or more disgustingly as 'house n*ggers'. The same thing is happening to Palin. Her views don't line up with the feminazis, so she is depicted as mindless and inept, completely disregarding her accomplishments as a woman in her own right. And sadly, it is our media that allows them, and is complicit in their efforts, to do so.
Americans need to wake up. Our country is being overtaken by elitists who don't really believe in free thinking, and they are doing their best to make us believe that they are better suited to deciding issues for us.

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EXCELLENT!....from Ellen

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