Thursday, June 26, 2008

This Just In..

Kayleigh has been at summer camp since Monday morning. So far, she's had lot's of candy, sno cones, fun, and yes, a broken arm. Apparently she fell off a top bunk and landed on her arm, breaking it just below the elbow. She's in a soft splint until she gets home, then Monday we go to her DR. to find out if a hard cast is needed. Our church volunteers have done a great job keeping her spirits up. We pondered whether or not we should go get her (my mother was about to head out for Oklahoma herself), but she hasn't requested it and the dr. didn't mandate it, so we're going to see how it plays out. She'll be home tomorrow. In the meantime, she's soaking up all the attention, and playing it cool (with her iced down elbow.).

That's the news. Good Night.

Until I get a cute, sad, picture, this will have to do.
broken arm

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