Saturday, June 14, 2008

Big Daddy Bax

Here's a few reasons that I think Baxter is an awesome Dad...

* Baxter is the one that gets up the most in the middle of the night. He rarely complains, although grumbling can be heard every once and a while.

* He takes the girls on "daddy dates", so that he and his girls can hang out together and give me a break. Their favorite places are Chilis and (you guessed it) Chuck E. Cheese.

* He doesn't cringe at dirty diapers. He'll jump in and take it without me asking.

* He'll be silly for the sake of the girls. If it means giving a ballerina class, or dressing up like a cowboy for birthday parties, he'll do it.

* He sings along to high school musical, and Hannah Montana

* He climbs on top of the refrigerator during hide and seek.

* When reading stories, the girls can always count on him to do the funny voices. I especially like his impersonation of cinderella.

* He disciplines with a firm, but loving hand.

* He supports me as a mom. He knows my limits, and when to step in. He also encourages me when I need to have some time for myself.

* He works extremely hard to support us. Most weeks he puts in at least 50 hours at his full time job, 12 or so hours within our ministry, and still prioritizes time for his girls.

* He's an encourager. When the girls need someone to make them feel like the only girl in the world, they look to their daddy.

* He's probably seen the Barbie movie series about 200 times, but he watches it every time they ask him to.

I'm so blessed to be lucky enough to co-parent with this awesome, goofy, man of God. And I'll keep thanking the Lord every day for the privilege of being this man's wife.



~ wmz said...

That is the sweetest post ever! Thank you for sharing a glimpse into the awesomness of your Bax! :)

Triss Teh said...

"*He climbs on top of the refrigerator during hide and seek"

I thereby conclude that you have nothing on top of your refridgerator.

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