Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Help me, please?

I'm really at a crossroads right now and I want to decide what path to take. So, of course, here I am on the internets(it's a redneck joke people) asking for your help. I'm really being pulled in the direction of just taking off and writing a book this summer. If it goes well, I might just change the direction of my education. But first, I need to know (a) do I have what it takes (b)do I have the moxy (3) is this just going to be one of those things that I do for a while and forget about when it gets boring or hard. So, to test out my skillz, I'm going to just write and impromptu exerpt from an impromptu story and you can read it now, later, or just navigate away. If you find yourself reading and like it, or don't like it for that matter, please leave me a comment. Por Favor?

(No title)

She just knew that there were better years ahead of her. It just killed her inside to think of herself still living in this tiny little decrepid town 10 years from now. Most people who lived in Ashville, worked at the mill, or at Cheri's Hair after graduation. They went about their lives, never knowing what was reaching out to them from beyond their small town existence. No, she wouldn't be here much longer. She was determined to get accepted to an out of state college. She knew it was her destiny and had to find a way to get out. Maybe she'd just leave in the middle of the night and hitch a bus to who knows where. She had $275 dollars saved up. That could get her pretty far...
"Hey, can I please get some coffee now, Dixie, or are you going to stare out that window all day?" She jolted to reality. Sometimes she forgot that she was spending her senior year working two jobs to pay rent because her father couldn't let go of the bottle, and her mother had let go of her sanity a long time ago. "Sure, Benny, I'm sorry." she said as she poured him a fresh cup. Her shift at the diner was almost over and she knew that soon, she'd have to change and freshen up for her job down at the convenience store. Some days, when her thoughts couldn't keep her sane any more, she'd take a walk down by the lake after work. She'd slip her shoes off, and walk in the thick grass letting it's coolness soothe the tired feet that had been holding her up all day. It'd be dark then, and she could lift her face to the sky and accept the wind's gentle caress on her cheeks and in her hair. She'd take a few minutes to stare into the moonlit sky, and breathe in the smell of honeysuckle, and listen to the wimperwills call back and forth. Then she'd put her heavy shoes back on and head for her white two story prison on the corner and fall dead to the world for just another 4 hours before waking to submit to the terrors and trials of high school.

*this story is just something I made up. I haven't written anything further.


aunt kiki said...

pretty good for just making it up. you should see what grandma thinks.

~M said...

Amy!! I just realized this was you! *insert blonde joke here* Love your blog! Keep writing!!

Aron & Suz said...

i really love this; you def. need to take some time to allow your creative juices to flow. do it, do it! :)

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