Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Bullies Beware

A trip to the park gave me new insight into the highly complicated relationship between two sisters last week.

Kayleigh was being chased by 2 little unsupervised boys (ages around 3 or 4). They were attempting to "woo" her by chasing her with a light saber and calling her "stinky girl". I had admonished them 2 times or so letting them know that in fact (1) she was not, in fact, stinky but smelled quite pleasant, and (2) that chasing her around was not a nice way to act to other children, and that I would find their mothers and tell them how badly they were behaving. Kayleigh was not appreciating the attention from her preschool suitors, however and kept trying to avoid them. I noticed Taylor was watching all of this with a wary eye, and finally after Kayleigh had almost had quite enough and looked like she was about to try to knock their blocks off, Taylor intervened. "Hey, you little meanies!" "that's MY sister and I'm not gonna let you talk to her anymore!" Needless to say, they scurried away with their little light sabers between their legs.

Bullies of the World Beware when Taylor is on duty...

She really does love her sister... It warms my heart.


aunt kiki said...

I . Love. It. It makes me giggle to imagine taylor standing up for her sis! They will have each other's back, just like we did.

Anna said...

awww :]

Aunt Bethany and Uncle Clintopher said...

That is sooo funny! Go Taylor!

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