Sunday, November 4, 2007

What I did this weekend

I had a wonderful weekend with my sister, her husband, and my mom this weekend. A rundown of some things that make me happy.

1. I got cute new boots. Always love retail therapy.
2. I got to see beautiful colors of fall, and trees, people. There are actual trees there. Not baby trees in the subdivision, actual mature tress, but I digress...
3. The Hogs won. Can you say Darren McFadden, and Felix Jones? I love it!
4. I got to hang out with my baby sister on her birthday! I hardly ever get to goof off with her anymore so it was great.
5. I met up with a certain best friend at Chile's on our way out of town, she shall remain nameless for unknown reasons.
6. I got to rejuvenate as a person, and got a "mommy break". I'm ready to get back in the game with the girls now. yayyyy!
7. I got to see my hilarious brother in law in action. That man cracks me up. Really.
8. I got to come home to my husband. :)
9. My mom rocks because she puts up with a lot from me. I'm quite the pain in the butt.
10. I can't believe you read all of this. I hope it was worth it.

Here's to a great weekend.

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1 comment:

aunt kiki said...

i finally remembered my password, so i can now comment on this post. I haven't had that great of a birthday in a long, long time!! I miss you guys all ready.

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