Friday, November 9, 2007

Mr. Baxter

Yesterday was my husband's 28th birthday, I just wanted to take a minute and write a few things many people might not know about him in honor of his special day.

Baxter is allergic to all fresh fruit. His lips swell up, and his throat gets itchy if he eats any unprocessed fruit. Once it's been processed, or canned, it's fine. He's also allergic to every tree in Missouri.

Baxter was an eagle scout in high school. He went backpacking in the mountains at Philemont. He's a real outdoorsy guy, and loves to go camping, though we rarely can.

Baxter completed his undergraduate degree in 3 years. All the while getting married and having a baby. He's incredibly smart. :)

Our garage is FULL of tools. We are the neighborhood tool shop. Baxter is Mr. Fix It. He enjoys getting down and looking at how things work and putting things back together.

Baxter has accent assimilation. Anytime he is around anyone with a different accent, he takes it on, and speaks in that accent. It is especially noticeable with a spanish accent. I guess he figures if he can't speak the language, he can just try to sound like he can.

Baxter participated in civil war re-enactments. He has lots of great stories to tell of his comrades of the confederacy.

Most of all though, he is an AMAZING father, and husband and I couldn't have asked for more. God has truly blessed our family with this awesome man of God.

Happy Birthday, Baxi.

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Aron & Suz said...

happy birthday! what a creative post. i like how you listed off all that you love about him. i may steal that for aron's big 3-0 next month.

jaybrams said...

um... tell him happy birthday...

um... civil war re-enactments? are you serious? i mean... seriously... c'mon... you're kidding right?

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