Friday, September 28, 2007


Looking back at eight of the craziest most wonderful years of my life.

Here's some interesting highlights.

Year 1
*Skillet meatloaf is a dish that is best left in the recipe book. It was my first attempt at cooking a meal as a wife. Let's just say it ended badly.
*you're not really living unless you're living in a 450 square foot concrete apartment.
*How do you break your toe, playing with a rabbit?

Year 2
*hey look, we're pregnant.
*you're not really living until you have all your baby gear crammed into a 450 square foot concrete apartment
*Baxter can catch spit up in his mouth
*We make a pretty good mom and dad team.

Year 3
*Hey, let's move to Missouri on a whim to open our own business
*You're not really living until you live in a neighborhood infected with black mold
*Why can't we get a business loan?
*We still make a pretty good team.

Year 4
*Hey, we're pregnant
*Hey, let's buy a house!
*Hey, let's sell a house
*Hey, let's move to Texas!

Year 5
*Baxter's still pretty good at catching spit up in his mouth
*A man really loves you if he'll chase your dog in the backyard, in his underwear to shut it up.
*Hey, Baxter, why don't you switch careers?

Year 6
*Life is good
*What an awesome family
*Goal: convincing my mom and dad to move to Texas
*Goal met.

Year 7
*What the... we're pregnant!
*Youth ministry? Sounds great!
*Ella in the hospital total = 2 weeks.
*Baxter has taken up a new hobby, driving into things, and over things.

Year 8
*Youth ministry right now? yes!
*Back to school
*3 beautiful girls
*1 awesome husband
*1 crazy beautiful life

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