Tuesday, October 9, 2007

A day in the email life

Baxter and I routinely chat intermittently throughout the day via email, as most couples do, I presume. I just want to give you a little taste of what it would be like to be inside our marriage.

Here's an email excerpt.

To: 'Baxter Horton'
Subject: shopping

1 Load of groceries - $163.50
1 Hershey’s Bar – $1.14
1 Look of pure satisfaction on a chocolate covered face – priceless

Shopping went great, but I forgot your breakfast pockets… sorry.
How does the day go?

Love you

To: 'Amy Horton'
Subject: RE: shopping

Dang it…get the back to thy store immediately!! How can the lowly peasant expect a King to rule over his dominion with no breakfast pockets!

To: 'Baxter Horton'
Subject: RE: shopping

You will soon be wretching over the taste of thine own feces, if you shan’t end the complaints forthwith sir.

You can have tortillas and cheese like the lowly scullery maid.

To: 'Amy Horton'
Subject:RE: Shopping

Lol…Who ate the chocolate? You?

To:'Baxter Horton"
Subject: RE: Shopping

Actually, lol. After taylor ate 2/3 of it in 20 seconds and said “mommy, I feel thick” she offered me the 3 hand melted squares that were left and I pathetically obliged.

And scene...

I know it's not the most riveting, or romantic, but I think it's just grand.


jaybrams said...

Baxter said "dammit" ???


Amy said...

yes and he was mad that I actually posted it.

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