Friday, October 26, 2007

Not your everyday generosity

If you've never been blown away by the generosity of others, or haven't seen the Body of Christ in action, I have a story to tell you. It's given me a new sense of hope in not only what we're doing in our lives, but what the Lord does in the lives of others.

Well,Bax and I are currently in transition with his new job, and for various reasons we received half a paycheck to last us a month and a half, and yeah, it's been pretty rough and stressful, and we've been praying that God would give us an answer as to what to do. We decided to see what God wanted to use this time for and not to use credit card, and REALLY didn't want to resort to borrowing from family. Baxter has a small group from his seminary class that meets every tuesday night. I'm not all together sure what they do there, I know that Baxter enjoys it, but I've never met them, and don't really hear much about it, until this week. They have a time to focus on prayer requests and Baxter shared what we were going through this month. Apparently, after the meeting was over, two of the men stopped him and they both handed him checks. One for $250, and the other for $1000. No expectancy for this to be paid back. Baxter called me on his way home in tears, and we were just overwhelmed with what God had done for our faith, through these men. Not only did He meet our needs, but also reassured us once again that He has a plan and is continuously working in our lives. It's been awesome to see.

Thanks guys.

1 comment:

Aron & Suz said...

amy, that is amazing!! It totally brought tears to my eyes! The body of Christ can be totally wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

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