Monday, August 27, 2007

The Social Experiment

What do you get when you put approximately 150 procrastinating parents and students in one Walmart the night before school starts? Well, it's not pretty. I mean, really, this year all of the area schools start on the same day, so there are a lot more of us last minute shoppers all in one place. I did learn a few things about the human condition while out there in the wilds of Wylie and Garland.

1. Area retailers were extremely unprepared for these events. The were out of everything

2. There are approximately 135 different kinds of crayons.

3. I could be tested.
An unattended cart filled with the school supplies I needed created much temptation for me. I did, however, succeed in staying above reproach.

4. Do not make eye contact or attempt to smile at other shoppers. You will be annihilated.

Really, at one point I wondered if we were in a social experiment to test the limits of our capacity to endure over population.
For what it's worth, I went to two Wal-Marts, one Target, and still came away with about half of what I needed. Next year, I'll be the first one in line when the lists come out.

1 comment:

jaybrams said...

you should hit dionna up next year... she got ALL her school shopping done (only one kid) for less than 5$ and was done about a month ago.

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