Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Missing Pooch

Well, it might have finally happened. Our little dog, Princess, is keen to escape our backyard through a hole in the fence. She usually gets brought home by a caring neighbor or scratches at our front door. Sometime early yesterday, one of the girls let her out in the back to do her business and she hasn't returned since.

Kayleigh is taking it horribly. She couldn't sleep last night because her mind kept going to her best buddy, wondering where she was. I was suddenly struck with the fact that this is the first time something has happened to her that I couldn't make things all better. If this dog doesn't come back, she will have lost her best friend, and I will have no answers to make her feel relieved. I was also struck with how much I miss the little one. She usually jumps up into bed with me and sleeps on my legs. I miss being pinned in, like a prisoner.

Come back, little friend....

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