Friday, July 6, 2007

Ain't too cool for school, anymore.

Well, I'm trying to register for classes for the fall. Yep, me, going back to school. (when I was 19, I swore college wasn't for me, and I would get by without it). How time and maturity changes your perception. I thought I would start out with my white whale, (for you Moby Dick fans) College Algebra. I'm hoping they will hurry up and accept my transfer credit so I won't have to take all those silly little prerequisites. I'm nothing if not lazy.

So, with one class (to dip my toes in) on the horizon, I wonder if all my pent up excitement and optimism will help me. Or if I'll be like a fish out of water, and flop around on the dock.

1 comment:

Queen "B" said...

Go for it Amy. I'm glad I ended up getting my degree, but I also felt that was a time I could get away and be by myself for a while. I would turn up my raido in the car and take my time driving to and from class to have me time. It will be a big relief when you finish and have that degree even if you use it or not.

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