Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I'm covering my eyes

When a child becomes afraid of something, usually the first thing he or she does is hide their eyes away. Either by covering them with their hand, hiding behind a parents leg, ducking underneath the covers or just lowering their gaze. As adults, when we are faced with a scenario that takes us out of our element, we are expected to confront the obstacle head on, keep our eyes on the task at hand, and be diligent and determined. Well, I just plain don't wanna. I want to run behind my moms skirt, even if she is about a foot and half shorter than me, (hows that for a mental guffaw) I don't want to be an adult. There are prospects on the horizon that are both frightening, and awe inspiring at the same time. What do you do at a time like this when so much hangs in the balance? Well, I will do what I always do in times like these. I will cover my eyes and hide behind the One that truly holds my future in His hands. He will guide me, and lead me , and use me for whatever my purpose needs to be.

Specifics to come later. :).

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