Wednesday, April 8, 2009

step by agonizing step.

I'm spending the day fighting with the urge to look up houses in my area that are on the market. We are REALLY close to being market-ready and I am getting more and more impatient as the days go by. The sad fact is, though, that if I look, I will find one I have to have and then all hell will break loose. I'll whine about it, try to speed things up unnecessarily, and then throw myself into an adult temper tantrum that would make even Taylor uncomfortable. So, here I sit, weak, impatient, angsty, and excited at the thought of searching for a new home to place my family in. I should be doing laundry, cleaning toilets, spraying the weeds in the backyard, anything but just sitting here thinking about all the houses out there just waiting to be bought. I have to hold out, not only until we put our house on the market, but until we get a contract on it. It's going to be a long few months.

On the plus side, it is so beautiful outside today, that I will be able to send the children OUTSIDE of the house when they get home from school/preschool and they will not be terrorizing me, or each other as much as usual. I love weather like today, but then again, who doesn't. I've never heard anyone say that they don't like warm, breezy, sun filled days. I digress. It's lovely weather.

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