Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Nanny State

I grew up in a teeny tiny house. It had just enough room for my family to live in, and barely enough for us to survive without being at each other's throats all the time as we got older. I think it added to my sister and I being close, but we got close in spite of a lot of bickering.. As and adult, I realize my parent's pain.
As our family keeps growing (in size, not in number!)I realize that we are outgrowing our little house. I have decided to try to chip in and add some money to the pot to rennovate it, so we can move into a serious upgrade. I am now nannying.

I have learned a few things about myself in the past few weeks. It's been challenging, but not overwhelming (yet). I am pretty patient, and pretty creative with them.

Here's what my day now looks like, when I have all 4 here during the day (no preschool)

6:30-wake Kayleigh up for school
7:15-send Kayleigh out the door with a kiss
7:15-8:00-get myself showered and dressed and tidy up the house before the kids come
8:00-kids arrive
8:15-feed 4 kids breakfast
8:45-clean up from breakfast
9:00-morning dance party
9:30-bubbles or storytime
10:00-prepare first snack
10:15-snack time!
10:45-watch wiggles, or some other t.v.
11:ish-get everybody prepped for nap
11:15-naps for toddlers
11:30-Taylor and I do puzzles or she has computer time
12:15-Taylor lunch, mommy lunch and rest
1:30-wake up/lunch
2:15-pack all kids up to get Kayleigh from school
2:45-get everyone in house/snack for Kayleigh
3:30-Mommy's here!!!

And then I collapse for about an hour before I have to get dinner ready, go to the gym, church, or other activity for the evening.
I finally wind down about 8:00 every night and I sleep welllllll. That's why my blogging has been less than intense since before Christmas. I have a lot to say, but just no energy to blog. I'm going to keep plugging away since I do enjoy it so much. But you might have to bear with me until I get a handle on my new schedule. I have found something in myself that I didn't know I really had, it's called organization. When I have to, I can schedule and coordinate really well. The past 3 years of survivng in what seemed to be total chaos (when Ella blessed us with herself, life became absolutely crazy) has paid off. I can handle anything. Just call me, Supermom.

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Gabe and Monica said...

you are a supermom!!! I'm so proud of all the positive things you have going on in your life! It's been fun and a blessing to be a witness to that process! I love you my sweet friend!

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