Friday, March 28, 2008

Spring Fever Come On!!!

That's it, I've got it. Spring fever!

I found myself driving home from class last night with the windows (in my very uncool "mommish" minivan) down, my radio turned up, and just breathing in the spring night air. What is it that makes the air smell different at night in the springtime? When I was growing up, on nights like those I used to sleep with the windows open and fall asleep watching the curtains just billowing in the moonlight. I'd wait in anticipation for each gust of air that would sweep through the room. I'd listen to the wimperwills and crickets and fall asleep at peace every night (except for the nights it was so hot and my sister and I would take turns laying in front of the box fan in the window, did I mention we didn't have air conditioning?). We can't sleep with the windows down in our suburban/urban sprawl neighborhood. Too many barking dogs, neighbors, potential murderers, etc. I really miss living out in the country where you could go outside and walk for miles without seeing a single soul. I guess for now, at this time of year all I can do is think back fondly on the years in our cozy house in the woods.

1 comment:

aunt kiki said...

I always start thinking of that place when i smell honeysuckle in the air...

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