Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Weekend

So, my wonderful baby sister and I conspired to get her down here for Easter to surprise my parents.

On Friday afternoon, she got to my house, and we headed over to ma and pa's. Baxter, myself, and the girls went in like we always do at least once every weekend to mooch off of my parents hospitality. My sister waited outside, and let mom and dad think nothin' special was going on. She then just opens the door and walks in. I could tell my mom had the "intruder" face when the door handle was jiggling. It was classic to see her and dad's face when they recognized her not as a knife weilding maniac, but their youngest daughter.

We had a lovely weekend, and watched the razorbacks win, and lose (argh). There were many surprises that cruised by, and we really will remember this Easter for a long time.

Here are some pictures of "Razorback night" lol.

*we were not wearing makeup, nor do we, or did we care about our appearance from this night. But we do not normally look this terrifying.

and to show that I don't look like that all the time, here. But, I'm not vain...


aunt kiki said...

i think before mom recognized me, she was ready to get up and karate chop my head off, lol. Fantastic weekend!

Aron & Suz said...

hooray for fun, family surprises! and family time in general. looks like so much fun. i have never seen your mama, so it was fun to view everyone. you are looking lovely! when are we hanging out next? life seems to be slipping us by.

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