Monday, June 14, 2010

100 Things that make me happy

I have seen this on a few other blogs and thought it would be fun to try.  I always like to try to put things in perpective and remember all my blessings.  Even if you don't blog, I encourage you to make a list of all the things that make you smile.

1.   staying up late and talking all night
2.   a great haircut
3.   crunchy ice
4.   watching Taylor's face on her favorite ride at six flags
5.   the feeling i get right after a great workout
6.   when my dog spoons my legs
7.   hearing Ella sing herself to sleep
8.   dinner at my parent's house
9.   wind chimes
10.  my favorite jeans
11.  the beach at night
12.  when someone catches me daydreaming
13.  teen camp
14.  wednesday night at church
15.  sunday nights with the teens
16.  talking about books with Kayleigh
17.  fall weather in Texas
18.  floating the river
19.  taking a great picture and not being able to stop looking at it
20.  a great nap
21.  coke zero
22.  getting into God's Word with friends and talking about it
23.  word searches
24.  the smell of the kids right after they have had their bath
25.  new car smell
26.  a paid off car
27.  a great fitting t shirt
28.  crab legs
29.  snuggling with any of my babies
39.  talking with my husband about our future
40.  dancing
41.  girls weekends
42.  riding horses
43.  holding hands with Baxter
44.  a great massage
45.  falling asleep to music so my dreams have a soundtrack
46.  birthday cake
47.  laughing so hard i cry and/or can't breathe
48.  clean sheets
49.  razorback football
50.  flip flops
51.  looking at old photos
52.  the feeling you get as you are climbing the highest part of the roller coaster
53.  the smell of rain
54.  a chick flick
55.  reading a book cover to cover
56.  when my girls use a new (clean) word for the first time
57.  hearing my girls giggling up in their rooms
58.  jumping out from behind a door and scaring someone
59.  date night
60.  my "special days" with each of the girls
61.  quiet prayer
62.  my niece's dimples
63.  fuzzy slippers
64.  giving money to someone who needs it
65.  talking politics wih my political geek friends
66.  baking
67.  having company
68.  shopping for furniture
69.  long hugs
70.  ponytails
71.  getting a letter
72.  singing
73.  Crossdirection Worship team
74.  History
75.  waking up thinking i am late, but realizing i still have a few more hours
76.  Christmas morning
77.  talk radio
78.  hearing a great song for the first time
79.  a clean kitchen
80.  editing photos
81.  long walks
82.  fresh cut grass
83.  a beautiful sunset
84.  family game night
85.  fun sunglasses
86.  looking at the ocean from our cruise ship
87.  jumping on a trampoline
88.  making a new friend
89.  the look of fresh paint
90.  new baby smell
91.  tickling my kids
92.  chasing my kids
93.  teasing my husband
94.  waking up knowing it's my hubby's day off
95.  super mario brothers
96.  my mom's lasagna
97.  my dad's jokes
98.  The Golden Girls
99.  cloud watching
100.  love notes

Can you name 100?

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