Sunday, May 24, 2009

Hot Dogs, Burgers, and Apple Pie

While you're at home this weekend relaxing and eating too much, lets' take a second and put the burger down to remember what this weekend is all about.

Memorial Day was actually originally called "Decoration Day". The graves of fallen soldiers were decorated to commemorate their sacrifice and honor their memory. Red poppies were worn as an outward symbol of respect. Today, for many Americans Memorial Day is nothing more than a three day weekend ringing in the arrival of summer. The reverence and somber recognition of what was lost has dwindled in its importance for most of us. For hundreds of years men, women (and yes sometimes even children) have put you and I and our freedom before their own lives. Their blood has been spilled in the grass, in the sand, in the air, and in the oceans. Many of them knew it was coming, and kept pushing forward anyway. Many of them were terrified yet were convicted to stay the course by their commitment. What do we say to the heroes that linger on and were somehow spared, yet seriously damaged when we don't acknowledge what they know was lost? Here's our chance. This holiday, make it about them. Enjoy your freedom, enjoy your food, but also, give credit where credit is due, Memorial Day.

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