Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Goal and accountability

In the 4 seconds I have right now to spend blogging while the children are entertaining themselves, since I've almost reach my ideal goal weight, I just wanted to publicly post a blog about my fitness and fitness goals. I want to..

1. Make the gym a more consistent routine than I have in the last month.
2. Be super fit by the end of the spring.(this means running in 5 mile stretches)
3. Encourage at least 2 more people to get active and healthy.

Now, although having a six pack set of abs will look incredibly strange with all my pregnancy stretchmarks, it doesn't mean I can't still dream about it.


EGPate said...

Congrats! You can help me lose my baby weight this summer :)

aunt kiki said...

you can do it! I'm so proud of your determination (and envious). Love you!

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