Saturday, December 6, 2008

A moment to remember

There are so many things that happen as a parent that I want to hold in my heart and remember forever. The look of pure joy on all my babies faces when they tasted something sugary for the first time, the excitement and nervousness Kayleigh showed on her first day of kindergarten, or the look of pure and utter exhilaration and joy that Taylor had this summer when she rode the "crazy legs" ride at six flags for the first time. I'm not someone who journals a lot, (and I know I should be), but this blog sort of fills a bit of that vortex. I had another moment tonight that I just want to tuck away for when they all grow up.

This year, all the girls were old enough to participate in the "sister tree" that I've been doing every year since I was pregnant with Taylor. They get to give special gifts for each other that they can open on Christmas Eve. It's their own ornaments, decorations, and they really enjoy it. So, we did that (with some extra special help from Ella who loved to move the ornaments around). Then it was bedtime. Kayleigh in her bed, and Taylor and Ella in their beds in their own room. I put Taylor to bed first, (she's "making" her list for her sisters) and then put Ella to bed and shut the door. Of course she runs screaming at me as I shut the door, so I go back in to settle her down. It's all quiet in the room as I snuggle her in, and I can hear Taylor up there in her bunk bed scribbling on her paper. I quietly start to sing "Jesus loves me" and by the second time around, Taylor is softly singing with me. We sing the song over one more time, and by the time it's over, yep, she's fast asleep. Eyes closed, and the most peaceful look is upon her face (if you know her, you know she rarely sits still, so this is such a joy to see).
I walk out of the room and Taylor quietly says "I love you so much, mommy".

This is what makes life on earth worthwhile.


Gabe and Monica said... so so sweet! My heart is melting for you!

Gabe and Monica said... so so sweet! My heart is melting for you!

aunt kiki said...

making me tear up here! sweet little Taylor!

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