Wednesday, November 9, 2011


By now, if you are friends with me on facebook, you've likely seen the photos from the cruise that I took with my mother and sister. It was amazing! You've also probably learned about the wicked chest cold/ bronchitis that reared it's ugly head the day after I got home.  I don't really remember the last week and a half.  It was pretty miserable.

Anyway, about the cruise.

Spending that time away just to relax, read a book (books), sleep when I wanted, and be totally goofy with my two favorite women on the planet was really, really, good for me.  We stayed up late (like 11:00 people!), slept in late,  and shared funny stories from past and present.  We read books on our balcony, surrounded by ocean air.  We got massages (and sunburns) on the beach at Cozumel.  We people watched (I have to say, this was surprisingly fun!).  We are going to make this trip a yearly thing (maybe not a cruise every year, but just the time to get away together). 

Here's what I have figured out based on cruising twice.

What NOT to do on a cruise:

1.  Yell at the people who are putting you in line.  We saw a group (who were possibly already inebriated) impatiently yelling at the staff because they weren't in the boarding line they wanted.  Somehow, the more they yelled, the faster the other lines went, it was good for us. 

2.  Forget to pack sunscreen.  We could only find sunscreen on shore in Mexico and it was about $20.00 a bottle.  They saw us coming.

3.  Leave your room on the first day or so without a plan (or a map). Are you familiar with the game portal? My sister and I spent about 45 minutes walking (and laughing hysterically) through doors trying to get back to our floor, only to find that each door led somewhere new...Though, our family isn't exactly blessed with a sense of direction.

4.  Watch the road while you are riding in a cab in Mexico.  Your life will flash before your eyes.  It's like a car chase scene from the movie Bourne Identity, only without the dialogue, because you are too scared to say anything and because the driver wouldn't understand you anyway.

5.  If you are bunking with two other people in a tiny room for 4 days, discussing religion, politics, or the Occupy Wall street movement, is probably not a good idea.  Trust.

6.  Look too closely at the other passengers after the third day.  By then, you realize that most of them are sunburned, drunk/hungover, and easily angered.  But hey, if an emergency situation arises, all you have to do is beat them to a life boat.  Piece of cake.

7. Do eat veggies and fiber.  4 days is a long time.  That's all I'm saying. 

I can't wait until our next trip together! 

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